Purpose of Qtechnik is to introduce and implement innovative solutions and methods of building automation to the market, serving at the same time the modern market requirements for the following fields:

  • air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and hydraulics.
  • security, access control
  • CCTV, fire detection and safety systems


Your request will drive us to design and build any custom made robotic system, offering a comprehensive solution for your manufacturing and material handling needs.

A fully robotic-based assembly line can optimize speed and quality through coordinated motions. As a consequence, minimal operator interaction has as a result labor saving and minimized customer complaints.

We can move…   Everything…


  • packaging
  • palletizing
  • line tracking
  • pick-and-place
  • vision quality evaluation

to… your extreme idea, our systems are dedicated to increase your productivity and improve your business performance.


The need for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and improvements are driving investment in automation technologies across the pharmaceutical industry.

Consequently, the systems used to automate process steps during the manufacture of pharmaceuticals require strict quality standards and are continuously evolving with new instrumentation.

We offer pharma-focused, tailor made services and solutions, such as:

-IQ/OQ, PQ/PPQ (Performance Qualification, Process Performance Qualification)

-QA/QC systems and instrumentation

-Tracking and Tracing systems

-SPS projects


Responding to high volume demands

our technology offering includes several alternatives to approach high speed processing. Depending on your particular challenge we may use a variety of tools, including:

Cam-driven motion platforms

Multi-axis coordinated servo motion control

Closed-loop and active alignment motion control

System analysis and simulation of dynamic conditions and bottlenecks

Process and Systems Engineering to supplement machine design

Engineering high speed into your process

we can work with you to optimize a solution that balances business, strategic and manufacturing drivers. Our particular approach to collaborative design enables us to understand your requirements to enhance your manufacturing solutions and reduce your overall costs.

the value of our experience goes beyond equipment design. We can provide input into product and process design to reduce production costs and position your company for success.


The wise selection of networking in the modern industry, can provide real-time line supervision, reliable data storage and is an integral part of the migration to Industry 4.0 and to all the future technology generations.

Our experience can support network types like:

  • Profibus/ MPI
  • ProfiNET/ EtherCAT
  • Modbus/ Serial


The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry continues to experience increasingly rapid change, limited resources, greater business risk, and more complexity in every aspect of their business and manufacturing operations.

Automating the process, enables organisations to service their clients faster, with better accuracy and quality, reducing dramatically the human error.

By automating the key business processes, Qtechnik’s solutions allow you to perform more processes, more accurately, in less time. They also enable you to process greater volumes of work, increasing customer loyalty and directly resulting in greater turnover.

the production line is no longer the bottle-neck


The demand for safe, potable water supplies continues to grow with world population and geographical expansion. Drinking water must be free of unpleasant characteristics such as color, turbidity, taste and odor.

Qtechnik aims in retrofitting existing water processes so that they get ready for Industry 4.0 where connectivity over IoT will become an asset and a necessity.

Our experience allows us to design dynamic PLC and SCADA systems, which find common usage in reference to the entire treatment process automation, leading to WWTP stable performance adhering to regulatory standards.


Most aspects of farming are nowadays exceptionally labor-intensive, with much of that labor comprised of repetitive and standardized tasks—an ideal ground for robotics and automation.

We’re already seeing custom automated systems beginning to appear on Smart Farms and performing tasks ranging from:

  • Raw material handling and watering
  • soil humidity and temperature monitoring
  • harvesting and sorting
  • screening and packaging

Eventually, this new wave of smart equipment will make it possible to produce more and higher quality food with less manpower.

your most extreme idea meeting our passion…

will generate innovative solutions to your prospects…